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 How to Be Patient

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Sasithorn040 4EN
Sasithorn040 4EN

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ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: How to Be Patient   How to Be Patient Icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 6:56 am

Try to figure out why you are in such a hurry. For example: waiting for an important party to start! We tend to lose our patience when we're multitasking or when we're on a tight schedule, expecting the day to pass within only a few short minutes of busyness and chaos. Pinpoint the triggers that often influence you to lose your patience. For example: When you are not doing anything! Impatience creeps in insidiously, and if you feel anxious, worried, or unhappy you may not even realize that the underlying cause of these feelings is impatience. To reduce the frequency of impatience, it helps to be aware of it. Look for patterns. Being aware of your impatience also gives you a chance to learn from it and perhaps uncover a relationship or circumstance that is simply not healthy or constructive, and that you may have the power to change. Figure that out, and you can then think logically about the problem issue and decide whether or not your impatience is warranted or helpful. It usually isn't, but when it is you can then figure out ways to fix the root problem rather than simply feeling stressed about it.

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ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: Re: How to Be Patient   How to Be Patient Icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 1:20 pm

1. First thing: Just stop. Catch the mind ranting that you shouldn't be in this situation—because you are. Give up the fight. You've lost the battle, but not the war.

2. Settle into the moment. You might feel your body ease down, yielding to gravity (wise move). Your shoulders and belly relax, your jaw too.

3. Go into your body with your mind's eye and find out how you know you're impatient. Are you tight, tense, breathing shallowly, clenching, jiggling? Where exactly? Focus on those sensations as closely as you can. Touch them with your mind.

4. See if you can open any tightness, breathe into any clenching. With a really ornery knot, give up trying to fix it and see if you can welcome it, make room for it.

Once your brain cools down, your powers of reason return. You thank God for cell phones and call to say you'll be late. You figure out how you can make up the minutes or hours lost to traffic. You understand your husband is telling the story again because he's nervous, and that kind of touches you. And really, it's all going to be okay.

When you give up the fight, you get time. Time stretches. You sink into the moment, and it seems infinite. You have all the time in the world.

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How to Be Patient
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