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 Do you know the story of Xiang Miang, the trickster? Let share

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Do you know the story of Xiang Miang, the trickster? Let share    Empty
ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: Do you know the story of Xiang Miang, the trickster? Let share    Do you know the story of Xiang Miang, the trickster? Let share    Icon_minitimeWed Feb 12, 2014 9:27 am

I have heard the story of this character since I was a child. 
My father, he told me the story as a bed time story.
My favorite version of Xiang Miang is called Xiang Miang and Mak leb Maew(Isarn local fruit).

Long times ago, in the northeastern of Thailand, there was a countryside village stand behind the mountain. The villagers there live by follow the baddish way peacefully. One day, the elder in the village came to the temple as same as every day habit. After the monks finish eating, the elder start their gossip frantically. They talk about the other people story, the farmland, the neighbor and the fruit around the village.
There stand a little novice (Xieng Mieng) who keep listening everything that the elder had talked during he cleans the temple. He feels depressed because he doesn’t want the elder came to the temple to do such a silly thing like gossip. And then, Xieng Mieng gets an idea.
Xieng Mieng came closer and asked the elder if they want some local fruit to eat 
    ‘I have heard that you want some fruit to eat. I know one special place, it’s not for from here and there were a lot of Mak leb maew.’
    ‘Oh! Mak leb meaw… sound interesting.’ said elderly
    ‘Good, so follow me. I’ll take you to that place.’  Sieng Mieng said

At the back of temple, there were a lot of ripe local fruit named Mak leb maew. The elder were so surprised. They pick Mak leb meaw in their own mouth immediately. The little novice follows the elder way. He keeps eating a local fruit gradually.
    ‘How can you full your stomach if you still eat gradually’ asked elderly
    ‘You must know that I’m just a little boy, my hand isn’t big enough to pick the fruit like adult’ ‘Look at you! You are the elder. You have two big hands. Why don’t you use your hands draw all of the fruit in one time.’ ‘If you follow this way you might be full your stomach faster.’ said clever novice
    ‘It’s such a great idea! I’ll keep following this way. ’ the elder said and draw all of the local fruit after all.
Unexpectedly, the elder don’t know that Mak leb maew generally have a lot of thorn so when they draw the fruit the thorn hurt their hands seriously. 
    ‘Its hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!’ screamed elderly. They knew in the last that they are deceived by Xieng Mieng.
Xieng Mieng starts laughing. During the way he run back to the temple, he keep announcing that ‘Silly elders!’

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Do you know the story of Xiang Miang, the trickster? Let share
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