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 Have you ever make your own tales for children? Let share

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Have you ever make your own tales for children? Let share Empty
ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: Have you ever make your own tales for children? Let share   Have you ever make your own tales for children? Let share Icon_minitimeWed Feb 12, 2014 9:30 am

In the story telling class, I have a chance to make my own story to the children.
It's a kind of animal story named The monkey king and the beauty cricket.
            Once upon the time, there was a powerful monkey who was the king of all the wildlife in the jungle. Even the monkey was so smart and gentle but there was no women want to married him. He hopes someday he will find his soul mate.
            One night, when he stayed alone in his house he had heard some beautiful voice. It was a girl singing a song. He wondered who sing the song and where was the song coming. Then he decided to follow the voice by heading deeper and deeper to the forest until he saw the big tree stand alone near the river. He found the song was coming from the tree but there is anybody around the three. Then he shouted out loud “Is there anybody here?” after that the song stops. The monkey king keep asking again “Who are you? Are you a girl, angel or ghost?” Suddenly, there was a little cricket jumps to his shoulder and say “It’s my voice” “I’m glad that someone can hare my voice.” “Help me please!” “I’m lost the way home and I feel hungry” said by the poor cricket.  Because the cricket was pity so the monkey king took her to his home.
            The monkey looked after and took care to the cricket with his kindness and love. One day when the monkey king’s love was full to the cricket heart the little cricket turn to be the charm ladies. When the monkey came back home there was someone sing the sweet song to him. He thought that voice should be the cricket but when he opens the house door he was so surprised because he saw the beautiful woman instead.
            “Who are you? Why you stay in my house?” monkey asked
            “It’s me. Your little cricket” the lady said
            “How’s come? It’s impossible” monkey don’t believe
            “Listen to me my dear. Actually I’m a girl who was curse by the god of love that why when I first met you I was just a little cricket. ” “The god says that when I found the true love, my soul mate, I’ll turn back to be the human again.”
            “Oh my goodness!” monkey king was still shock
            “Thank for taking care of me even I was just a cricket” “I thought I finally find the true love” “That person is only you” said lady
            “I love you” said monkey
Then the monkey king and the beautiful woman lived happily ever after. 

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Have you ever make your own tales for children? Let share
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